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The Phytocoenosis journal was published by the Białowieża Geobotanical Station of the University of Warsaw since 1972. One of the main tasks of this publishing series was the publishing service of the Station and its extensive geobotanical and ecological research. The idea of prof. Janusz B. Faliński – the creator of this publishing series – was to create columns on which the entire scientific achievements of the Station would be collected and published. Thus a specific form of the geobotanical monograph of the Białowieża Forest and “collected works” by prof. Faliński and his associates was created. The magazine has had better and worse periods in its history – its publication was suspended in 1980-1988. Since 1972 a total of 64 issues of Phytocoenosis have been published: 21 of the old series in 1972-1980 and 43 of the new series in 1988-2005.

Over the years, Phytocoenosis enabled to publish very valuable cartographic and geobotanical documentation materials, which otherwise likely would not have appeared in print at all due to the large volume and specialized nature. Today, apart from great scientific importance in the context of detailed descriptions of the vegetation dynamics, these materials can be an excellent base for future research aimed at comparing the changes that have occurred on permanent research plots, established in even in the 1960s.

Some of the Phytocoenosis issues were out of print within months after the publication. Others, despite the equally valuable results, turned out to be less popular for various reasons – they can still be obtained from the Białowieża Geobotanical Station. If you are interested, please contact Wojciech Adamowski, PhD ( or the Station Secretariat ( Collection in person is feasible, as well as shipment by post.

Available issues of Phytocoenosis: