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International Centre for Research on Forest Ecosystems

With the expansion of scientific activity and intensification of international cooperation, the Białowieża Geobotanical Station has developed the International Centre for Research on Forest Ecosystems (ICRFE). ICRFE is a scientific expert centre cooperating with scientists from all over the world in the field of forest ecosystems research, with particular emphasis on ecosystems of high naturalness.

ICRFE’s mission is implemented by:

  • wide cooperation with domestic and foreign partners in the implementation of research projects;
  • facilitating partner institutions to conduct scientific research in the area of the Białowieża Forest by assistance in preparing applications for research permits; providing access to equipment;
  • providing access to the laboratory and research base; providing logistic support; providing accommodation;
  • providing access to research plots* of the Station and to data collected there;
  • providing access to the Station archival data** for joint analyses on the international, continental and global level;


*Metadata of research plots (excel file with description of research plots)

**Metadata data (excel file with description of the data held);


List of projects implemented within ICRFE:



List of publications that were created thanks to ICRFE:

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