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On March 1 BGS starts the POLLMOSS project

On March 1, BGS starts the POLLMOSS project, in which Dr. Marcelina Zimny ​​will be the main contractor. The project will be based on pollen analysis and will concern non-pollen palynomorphs (NPPs) – the remains present in pollen samples along with pollen and spores. They significantly enrich pollen analysis, providing additional information about local environmental conditions. The aim of the project is to determine the composition of NPPs in modern pollen samples from the Białowieża Forest against the background of selected environmental factors and to provide information on their indicative value. We will focus particularly on the spores of coprophilous fungi, trying to determine their usefulness as the local indicators of the herbivore’s presence in the surroundings of the site. Our goal is also to examine the degree to which pollen and NPPs from modern pollen samples can be used to predict the extent of openness in the forest

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