Research Team

Katarzyna Nowak

Job position :
Assistant Professor
Academic degrees
  • Habilitation: 2023, University of Warsaw, „Humans shape wild primates’ landscape of fear”
  • Doctorate: 2007, University of Cambridge, „Behavioural flexibility and demography of the Zanzibar red colobus monkey across floristic and disturbance gradients”
  • Bachelor’s degree: 2001, Bucknell University
Scientific interests

My research interests include human-wildlife interactions, behavioral flexibility of threatened species, transboundary conservation of species and ecosystems, flooded forests and One Health. I am also interested in conservation partnerships, science communication, citizen or community science, and promoting women in science. I am one of the founders of Gage, an online directory of STEMM professionals where journalists, policy makers, and educators can readily find experts.

  • 2018-2020, Phenology of mountain goat molt, Wildlife Conservation Society, Safina Center, project leader;
  • 2013-2017, Risk, fear and cognition in samango monkeys, Durham University, University of the Free State, Qwaqwa, project leader;
  • 2008-2014, Savanna elephants in Afromontane forest in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service African Elephant Conservation Fund., project c0-leader;
  • 2002-2007, Behavioral flexibility and demography of Zanzibar red colobus monkeys in unprotected coastal forests, Wildlife Conservation Society and Leakey Foundation, project leader;
Latest publications
  • Clements H., Do Linh San E., Hempson G., Linden B., Maritz B., Monadjem A., Reynolds C., Siebert S., Stevens N., Biggs R., De Vos A., Blanchard R., Esler K., Hamann M., Loft T., Reyers B., Selomane O., Skowno A., Tshoke T., Abdoulaye D., Aebischer T., Aguirre-Gutiérrez J., Alexander G., Ali A., Allan D., Amoako E., Angedakin S., Aruna E., Avenant N., Badjedjea G., Bakayoko A., Bamba-Kaya A., Bates M., Bates P., Belmain S., Bennitt E., Bradley J., Brewster C., Brown M., Brown M., Bryja J., Butynski T., Carvalho F., Channing A., Chapman C., Cohen C., Cords M., Cramer J., Cronk N., Cunneyworth P., Dalerum F., Danquah E., Davies-Mostert H., de Blocq A., De Jong Y., Demos T., Denys C., Djagoun C., Doherty-Bone T., Drouilly M., du Toit J., Ehlers Smith D., Ehlers Smith Y., Eiseb S., Fashing P., Ferguson A., Fernández-García J.F., Finckh M., Fischer C., Gandiwa E., Gaubert P., Gaugris J., Gibbs D., Gilchrist J., Gil Sanchez J., Githitho A., Goodman P., Granjon L., Grobler J.P., Gumbi B., Gvoždík V., Harvey J., Hauptfleisch M., Hayder F., Hema E., Herbst M., Houngbédji M., Huntley B., Hutterer R., Ivande S., Jackson K., Jongsma G., Juste J., Kadjo B., Kaleme P., Kamugisha E., Kaplin B., Kato H., Kiffner C., Kimuyu D., Kityo R., Kouamé N., Kouete M.T., le Roux A., Lee A., Lötter M., Lykke A.M., MacFadyen D., Macharia G., Madikiza Z., Mahlaba T., Mallon D., Mamba M., Mande C., Marchant R., Maritz R., Markotter W., McIntyre T., Measey J., Mekonnen A., Meller P., Melville H., Mganga K., Mills M., Minnie L., Missoup A.D., Mohammad A., Moinde N., Moise B.F., Monterroso P., Moore J., Musila S., Nago S.G.A., Namoto M., Niang F., Nicolas V., Nkenku J., Nkrumah E., Nono Nono G.L., Norbert M., Nowak K., Benneth Obitte B., Okoni-Williams A., Onongo J., O’Riain M.J., Osinubi S., Parker D., Parrini F., Peel M., Penner J., Pietersen D., Plumptre A., Ponsonby D., Porembski S., Power R.J., Radloff F.G.T., Rambau R., Ramesh T., Richards L., Rödel M.-O., Rollinson D., Rovero F., Saleh M., Schmiedel U., Schoeman M.C., Scholte P., Serfass T., Shapiro J.T., Shema S., Siebert S.J., Slingsby J., Sliwa A., Smit-Robinson H., Sogbohossou E., Somers M., Spawls S., Streicher J., Swanepoel L., Tanshi I., Taylor P., Taylor W., te Beest M., Telfer P., Thompson D., Tobi E., Tolley K., Turner A., Twine W., Van Cakenberghe V., Van de Perre F., van der Merwe H., van Niekerk C., van Wyk P., Venter J., Verburgt L., Veron G., Vetter S., Vorontsova M., Wagner T., Webala P., Weber N., Weier S., White P., Whitecross M., Wigley B., Willems F., Winterbach C., Woodhouse G., Child M. 2023. Faunal and floral population intactness estimates across sub-Saharan African land uses: The bii4africa dataset. Scientific Data 11: 191. DOI: 10.1038/s41597-023-02832-6
  • Nowak K., Bear D., Dutta A., Traphagen M., Żmihorski M., Jaroszewicz B. 2023. Threats to conservation from national security interests. Conservation Biology 38,1: e14193  DOI: 10.1111/cobi.14193
  • Callaghan C.T., Mesaglio T., Ascher J.S., Brooks T., Cabras A., Chandler M., Cornwell W.K., Ríos-Málaver I.C., Dankowicz E., Dhiya’ulhaq N.U., Fuller R.A., Galindo-Leal C., Grattarola F., Hewitt S., Higgins L., Hitchcock C.B., Hung K.-L. J., Iwane T., Kahumbu P., Kendrick R., Kieschnick S.R., Kunz G., Lee C.C., Lin C.-T., Loarie S., Medina M.N., McGrouther M.A., Miles L., Modi S., Nowak K., Oktaviani R., Waswala Olewe B.M., Pagé J., Petrovan S., Saari C., Seltzer C.E., Seregin A.P., Sullivan J.J., Sumanapala A.P., Takoukam A., Widness J., Willmott K., Wüster W., Young A. 2022. The benefits of contributing to the citizen science platform iNaturalist as an identifier. PLoS Biology 20(11):e3001843. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3001843
  • Cordeiro N.J., Rovero F., Msuha M.J., Nowak K., Bianchi A., Jones T. 2022. Two ant-following bird species forage with three giant sengi (Rhynchocyon) species in East Africa. Biotropica 54, 3: 590-595. DOI: 10.1111/btp.13101
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  • Jaroszewicz B., Nowak K., Żmihorski M. 2021. Poland’s border wall threatens ancient forest. Science 374:1063. DOI: 10.1126/science.abn0451
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  • Nowak K., Berger J., Panikowski A., Reid D., Jacob A., Newman G., Young N.E., Beckmann J.P., Richards S.A. 2020. Using community photography to investigate phenology: A case study of coat molt in the mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus) with missing data. Ecology and Evolution 10:13488-13499. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.6954
  • Nowak K., Barnett A.A., Matsuda I. (Eds.) 2019. Primates in Flooded Habitats: Ecology and Conservation. Cambridge University Press. DOI: 10.1017/9781316466780

All publications

Participation in conferences, symposia and scientific seminars
  • Nowak K., Richards S.A. “Possibilities and limitations of using community-sourced photographs to investigate ecological patterns and processes”. Mammal Life History in an Era of Global Change: Insights from New Tools and Emerging Datasets, symposium at American Society of Mammalogists, Tuscon, Arizona, 07.2022. Oral presentation
  • Copper Jack J., Gonet J., Mease A., Nowak K. “One-Health, Indigenous knowledge and principles, and COVID-19 Recovery” Science Community of Practice, Whitehorse, Yukon, 11.2020. Oral presentation
  • Nowak K., Richards S.A. Panikowski A., Newman G., Young N.E., Jacob, A. Beckmann J.P., Reid D., Berger J. “Using community photography to investigate phenology: A case study of coat molt in the mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus)”. Yukon Biodiversity Forum, Whitehorse, Yukon. 03.2020. Oral presentation
  • Nowak K. , Richards S.A. Panikowski A., Newman G., Young N.E., Jacob, A. Beckmann J.P., Berger J., Reid D.  “Potential for citizen photography to help evaluate molt phenology in a high-elevation, high-latitude mammal”. 100th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists, Washington, D.C. 06.-07.2019. Oral presentation
  • Nowak K. “Coexisting with Giants: Elephants in southern Tanzania”. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service brown bag, Falls Church, Virginia. 05.2017. Oral presentation
  • Nowak K., Hill R., Richards S.A., le Roux A. “Observer effects and the risk-disturbance hypothesis in samango monkeys”. 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology, Montpellier, France. 08.2015. Poster
  • Nowak. K. “Bone of Contention: Is it time to reconsider a legal global trade in tiger, elephant and rhino products?” EarthWatch debate, Royal Geographical Society, London, UK. 10.2013. Oral presentation
  • Nowak K., Lee P.C. “Zanzibar red colobus population structure and demographic resilience in coral rag and mangrove forests”. International Primatological Society Congress XXII, Edinburgh, Scotland. 08.2008. Oral presentation
Additional information


ArcGIS: Certificate from British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK

R-Statistics: Training course at CREEM, St. Andrew’s, Scotland

Beekeeping: Certificate from Department of Agriculture, North Carolina, USA