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Third edition of the Białowieża School of Statistics

Last week, after a two-year break, the third edition of the Białowieża School of Statistics was held at the headquarters of our Station. The course was attended by 15 participants from eight national research units. The lecturers (dr Patryk Czortek and dr Marcin Dyderski) for 5 days provided the course participants the knowledge of using the R program, in particular the issues related to the data preparation and exploration (packages: ggplot2, ggthemes, gridExtra, dplyr, reshape2), statistical tests (packages: agricolae, multcomp), regression (packages: MuMIn, lme4, mgcv, glmmTMB,  ggeffects, emmeans, DHARMa) and ordination methods (packages: vegan, betapart). In addition to lectures and the exercise part, participants used the knowledge acquired during the BSS in the analysis of their own data, and the effects of this work presented on the sixth day of the course. The culmination of the course was a trip to the Strict Reserve of the Białowieża National Park. Next edition of BSS will be organized next year. You are welcome!

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